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Red Flash RFLVD20 Low Voltage Disconnect - 20A
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Red Flash RFLVD20 Low Voltage Disconnect - 20A

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RFLVD20 Low Voltage Disconnect 

The Red Flash 20A low Voltage Disconnect monitors battery voltage and will disconnect equipment when this voltage falls below a programmable pre-set voltage.  It can also work to disconnect auxiliary loads ensuring sufficient battery capacity is available for other needs such as engine starting or powering critical equipment.

Wide operating voltage : 9 - 32VDC
Continuous Current Rating : 20A
Peak Current Rating : 10 secs : 22A
Peak Current Rating : 1 sec : 40A
Max. Voltage Drop : 100mV
Disconnected Quiescent Current (typ. @ 13.6V) : 2mA
Dimensions (l x w x d) : 155 x 30 x 15mm
Weight : 45g
Operating temperature : -25 to +60oC
Ingress Protection : IP65
Safety Features : Over Current & Over Temperature Protection
Approvals & Standards : CE Marked, ISO7637-2, ISO10605, ISO14892, 2004/108/EC